You won’t see me lining up outside store tomorrow, Black Friday is too crazy for me and I’ve never found anything worth lining up for. Plus, good deals are easy to find year-round!

If you’re in Los Angeles, definitely check out the San Pedro Wholesale Mart on Saturday mornings. It’s located in the wholesale fashion district in downtown L.A, and on Saturdays, stores that are usually only open for professional buyers open their doors to the public. The thing is, you’ll wanna get there early. Stores start rolling their racks out around 5am and roll them back inside around 11-12. Parking meters are free til 8, and garages aren’t bad, it gets crazy packed around 8am anyway.

The wholesale mart is HUGE. There are tons of stores for blocks. I was only there for an hour and a half but found these pieces for only $5 each. I’ve seen bodysuits at American Apparel for $40. Bring cash only! It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and 70% of the clothing sold there is super cheap and tacky, and beware of holes and defects, but there are awesome finds in there. Most things are trendy and you’ll even find things with Forever21 tags on them sold for 75% off what you’ll see in the stores. Watch out for 2 for $10 and 3 for $15 deals!

So if you’re not down to get trampled on Black Friday, check out the wholesale district and the California Market Center sample sale.