Anonymous said: I am a current high schooler looking into LCAD. I was wondering how much scholarship did you receive from the school and was is hard to get that scholarship?

The year I graduated high school, LCAD gave one full ride scholarship to a student from each of the five majors. I was incredibly blessed to receive one from LCAD which covers the cost of tuition, which this year is $27,000. I don’t know if they still do this or if it was just that year, but I earned it from a combination of high school grades, portfolio, recommendation letters, and an essay. My family lost our business and went bankrupt my senior year which meant that I had to do everything possible to make college possible for myself. Good luck!

the day they move on, i don’t know what i’m gonna do with myself

This is amazing. My whole life has been very weird. In lots of ways. I grew up in Jersey City my whole life, was blessed to go to Catholic school, blessed to go to Rutgers, blessed to have family and friends who care about me and love me so much. And were never shy in reminding me that the blessings that i have received come from one source, three persons, one God.

So because of that i spent five years on mission and six years at Seton Hall trying to understand how God wanted me to live my life. And it was really eleven years of wrestling because I was searching for ways to figure out why the priesthood was not for me.

You can ask the seminary faculty of which we have so many members here, I asked many questions. We have young priests who have lived in seminary that are here today, after hours it was there turn to field all the questions that I had hoping that there was something that would disqualify me from a life that the world has not only dismissed but has laughed at because to the world it makes no sense. Nothing about celibacy, about poverty, about simplicity, about obedience makes sense to the world. But Jesus makes sense. and deep in your hearts, i know for a fact that you know this. You know this.

‘Cause you’re not here just congratulation Gino, you’re here congratulating the ‘Father’ part. The Father part that has spoken to you in your life. The Father part that Jesus has used to confer upon you His own Body and Blood. The Father part that has confessed you of your sins and has been a vessel of His very mercy. The Father part that has driven into your hearts His love for you. The Father part that has promised you an eternal banquet for eternity despite what you do here. The Father part that is for you. The Father part that you deserve. The Father part that we are all privileged to have as Christians.

So don’t be mistaken, your excitement and enthusiasm is matched by me as well because nobody, after this weekend, will be coming to grips with the fact that i’m a priest more than myself. Trust me, it’s the truth.

I was actually taking a shower this morning when I woke up and, as ignorant as it sounds, I just said to myself, “I feel exactly the same.” But I know that things are to come, difficulties and joys because every priest has told me so. But I do want to take a moment today to really thank everybody that’s here. Because I wanted to share something that was very significant in these years that I’ve been preparing for this day.

I always thought that it was noteworthy to recognize that the minute i felt Jesus was calling me to this sacred ministry out of all of my friends, out of all of my family, out of all of the seminarians, out of all of the priests, everybody whom I love, there was not a single person that did not support me. There was no one person that did not support and encourage me.

My brothers and sisters there is a sad reality in the state of vocations in 2014. Where I have brothers whose very dream is the same as mine, whose parents are against them responding to this call, whose family and friends have written them off as crazy and have even said to them, “if you push with through with this I won’t support you, I won’t go to your ordination, I won’t go to your first mass, I disagree with what you’re doing in your life.” And with silent suffering, they persevere because they know that the Lord is calling them anyway.

And I don’t understand why I haven’t experienced any of that, but I’m grateful because I probably would have listened to the first person and said, “oh really? okay, forget it.” But that wasn’t the case. Really everybody i’ve met whether Catholic or not, or active Catholic or not, or understands the vocation or not said, “wow, that’s cool.” And I know many of you have been ceaseless in prayers for me these last few years and so from the bottom of my heart I wanna say thank you to everybody thats here. For all the unmerited confidence that you have in me, for praying for me all the time, for encouraging for me all the time, for telling me that when you were at mass and some priest said let’s pray for vocations and that you said that you came up in my mind so you thought of me at that time. Those things count. Those prayers have concrete ramifications and I know you believe that so I thank you across the board and I wanna say I love you and that I’m excited for the rest of my life because Jesus Christ never fails to remind us of how loved we are. Through His mercy all He wants to do is just draw us closer and deeper into Himself, to conceive the glory that comes from His promise for His life on earth.

There’s nothing more I desire than for Jesus to reveal to everybody what their calling is in life and that they might have the courage to respond to the holy obedience so that everybody can experience the glory that comes in this devout pilgrimage towards Jesus.


Speech by Father Gino de la Rama after his first Mass, May 2014

(thanks Justine for transcribing this)

My Favorites

Interning in Hurley’s digital department (which is going great by the way), I have to be very familiar with the website and the products we sell. Here are some of my favorites! Click to make the image larger.

Dri-Fit Moto Crop Legging (link)
imageThese are hands down the best leggings I’ve ever worn, soft like butter but still looks cool with the panels and mesh detail at the ankles. 

Dri-Fit Novelty Long Sleeve (link)
I’m a big fan of Hurley’s beach active line for girls and this top has a detachable racerback sports bra.

Fletcher Women’s Fleece (link)

Landing Biker Cloud Tank (link) (ridiculously soft)

Merida Tank


Retro Cloud Biker Tank (link)


Never Found Muscle Tee (link) (also ridiculously soft)

Born from Water Tank (link)

in art history we learn about inner necessity, the right of an artist to unlimited freedom, the almost insatiable need to create, the fervent spirit driving us to make beautiful and meaningful things.

i feel like i’ve lost touch of that, i’m not motivated to create for personal satisfaction but only letting myself be driven by a client, money, or what the project will do for my portfolio. i think it’s time for a change


School’s done for the year, can I officially consider myself a senior in college?

This semester was definitely the hardest one to date, lots of heavy studio classes and I still work two jobs unfortunately so the past couple months have been rough. But I made lots of new friends and got closer with a bunch more, so I’m stoked that I’m spending my first summer in Laguna! plus I’m 21 now nbd.

I’ll be driving home in two days to the Bay Area then off to New York on Wednesday for six days with my best friend! We’re going to film a good friend’s graduation/ordination as a priest! I met him when I was 17 and served CFC-Youth conference for the first time and have done a couple more projects together since. It’s crazy how fast time flies and it’s an honor to be there to witness his ordination.

So overall, I’m glad this semester is over because it kicked all of our butts. So proud of my friends who are doing cool stuff this summer and interning at awesome companies, it’s gonna be a fun summerrrrr


LCAD’s Class of 2014 Commencement Speaker, CEO Founder of Hurley, Bob Hurley, toured the LCAD Campus with LCAD Graphic Design (now Design + Digital Media) Alumnus and former Senior Class President, Francisco Magaña and LCAD President, Jonathan Burke and met his four newest Summer Icon interns, LCAD Design + Digital Media Seniors, Miranda Jacobucci, Abram Goglanian, Jessica Necor and Alexandra Ezell.

I love my school! In the second photo got to present my app concept Threadbare to Bob Hurley. Check out the prototype here: 

from lcadbfa
to do list after finals and before internship starts

- bonfire
- LACMA/LA day
- drink and draw night
- new york/new jersey may 21-26
- hit the gym hard
- go home to the bay for a couple days

but thats still two weeks away :(

Absolutely obsessed with how beautiful our new backroom store and merchandise is!

Absolutely obsessed with how beautiful our new backroom store and merchandise is!


When you buy clothing, what do you consider first? Second?

Doing research for a project :) thanks!

  • Trendiness
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Ethical production
  • Timelessness
  • Style
  • Need
  • Other ___________________
Spring Break

I never go on Tumblr anymore except for the occasional breather/stream of consciousness after a long period of work.

But finally. The past week has been rough, finishing things before break and working on getting everything ready for the gallery opening tonight. It took me about a year to really get a routine for openings down. 

School has been really good to me lately. Just landed an internship at Hurley for the summer :) I wasn’t even supposed to interview but everything just worked out. I also never really saw myself working there until my Comm 2 class but I’m excited!

Going home tomorrow after this workshop at Poketo. I love the OC, but I just really really love the Bay. Sucks that it’s getting super expensive to live there.

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Cultural Appropriation in Fabric and Textiles

"What Fashion’s "Ethnic" Prints Are Really Called"

You’ve seen them crowding the racks at stores and draping the bodies of some of the most well-dressed ladies around… but, what do you actually call them? You know what you shouldn’t call them: the hyper-general African print, the offensive “tribal” print, the catch-all “ethnic” print…not okay.

Why the ‘Native’ Fashion Trend Is Pissing Off Real Native Americans

“The issue now is not only who gets to represent Native Americans,” Metcalfe says, “but also who gets to profit.”


The question I’m asked often, by other budding designers or people in creative spaces, is this: “But I can be inspired by anything! How do I avoid people saying I’m ‘appropriating’?”

The answer is simple — give credit to your inspiration. Respect it by researching it, and make others respect it by sharing with them what you’ve learned. It takes two seconds to say “I saw these fabrics in photos of a wedding celebration in Ghana.” It takes half a second to emphasize that you’re using ankara fabrics, or Indonesian batiks, or textile designs from 1960s Russia. Really, it doesn’t take that much effort to supply proper attribution (journalism 101) — which is why when designers and companies don’t do it, the end result feels so dismissive and insulting. And, often, poorly executed.


"…the main reason I don’t like this trend is a personal one: There was once a time when a non-African person wearing African print patterns meant they’d married into a family. There was a respect there. They’d met the aunties, they’d met the uncles. They’d sat down at a dinner and ate Egosi soup laced with enough scotch bonnet peppers to make you dive into the Thames. They’d been through some things. Now it means nothing."

So to all the young, unmarried Christian girls out there, listen up: who you marry matters. You might think that the way he treats you isn’t so bad. It’s not going to get better after the wedding. You might think that he’ll change. It’s possible, but most don’t. You might think that you’ll be able to minister to him and help him. Possibly, but if you can’t now, you won’t then, and you will be at risk yourself. A husband should lead and cherish you, not need your counsel for basic personality or behavior issues.

Unless someone married is very frank with you, you can’t understand how much a husband will impact your entire life. Next to salvation there is no other long term event that will change so many areas of your life so deeply. Here are just some of the ways that marriage will impact every aspect of living.

1. It will impact you spiritually. If the guy is not a believer, you can stop right there. You have no business yoking a redeemed soul with an unregenerate one, even if he seems open to change. Christ has bought you with a price and it is not an option to give away that blood bought heart to someone who doesn’t know and love your Lord. It will cripple your spiritual development, open up a host of temptations, stifle your prayer life, make regular church going difficult, and cause massive parenting conflict if you have children.

If the guy is a believer, is he a strong one? Will he lead you in prayer, Bible reading, family devotions, and public worship? Or will you be on your own? Is he going to make spiritual growth a priority or do other things come first? Is he going to ask you how it’s going with your soul so he can help you grow in holiness and love for Christ, or will he leave that to your pastor? Is he going to lead the children in this, or will you have to spearhead that? In church, is he going to help the kids sit well, pray, find the hymn, or will you be the one pointing out what is happening next and helping the family keep up? Many women have married spiritually immature men, thinking that it wasn’t a big issue, or that the man would change, and they were wrong. They bear the scars.

The health of your eternity is at stake. Think carefully.


Redesign of the Gelson’s brand of coffee for my Packaging 1 class.

Anatomy of a Wave

One of the lines I designed for Hurley in my Communication 1 class.